Vietsibility@Work: CALL FOR SPEAKER

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Vietsibility@Work!

You are a Vietnamese professional living in Europe? You are passionate about your job and would love to tell your career story? You are not afraid of stepping into the spotlight to become visible?

Awesome, welcome the our podcast!

At Vietsibility@Work, we seek to create a platform for professionals with Vietnamese roots to share their own experiences at the workplace. Be it cutting-edge technical knowledge, invaluable advice, or simply the passion of working in a certain field; we want to help our folks all over Europe communicate about and discover the job that they LOVE. We want our folks to find their place in the corporate world and become Vietsible at work.

If you fit the description above or know someone who does, please leave a link to your LinkedIn profile below so that we can drop a line.

Many thanks in advance
Team Vietsibility@Work