TalkSpace #9: What does it take to be a go-getter?

The path to success often requires discipline and determination. From helping his family’s business at an early age to working in many tech companies, Dat Tran has worked his way up to become a seasoned technology and business leader with extensive experience in creating, transforming and leading both large and small (technological) organizations. 

A head start in the race

Coming from a family with an entrepreneurial mindset, Dat Tran got involved in his family’s business at a young age, helping them manage their digital marketing. After getting his Master’s degree in Operation Research/Econometrics from Humboldt University, Dat went on to work in different tech companies and fast-tracked his way up the career ladder, holding key positions including Head of Data Science at idealo and later Head of AI at Axel Springer SE

With a strong background in business, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a keen interest in data science and AI, Dat co-founded Priceloop AI with his partner, Dr. Richard Schwenke, in October 2020. 

Priceloop AI – a solution for e-commerce and retail companies

Many e-commerce companies have struggled with data-driven pricing due to lack of data, methods, and proper tools. Seizing the potential, Dat and his partner started Priceloop in October 2020. Priceloop helps businesses earn more profit by using AI/ML to find the most profitable prices for their products. Since it was founded, Priceloop has helped businesses increase their revenue up to 20%. 

A passionate mentor

Apart from his startup, Dat also dedicates his time to mentoring other businesses/teams in the field of AI and tech products. Last year, Dat was one of the mentors of Hack4Growth – a international innovation contest which aims to promote the startup ecosystem and the sustainable development of Vietnam through implementing practical and community-oriented solutions. This year, Dat will be joining the mentor team again to help the contestants realize their business plans and turn it into a feasible project. 

Check out Hack4Growth to receive more info and join the competition to receive mentorship from Dat and other mentors from all over the world. 

What sparks Dat’s interest in data science and AI?

How did he start Priceloop?

What’s so special about Dat’s stories? 

How could startups benefit from their mentors? What can they learn from the mentorship?

Let’s check out our next episode on Saturday (May 22nd)  to hear more from Dat Tran about his experience and his projects! 

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