TalkSpace #7: When an IT Expert Becomes a Founder

Big Data Analytics, Spark, Machine Learning, Keras, GitLab, MySQL are pretty well-known to IT-people. But an IT expert becoming an entrepreneur must be an exciting journey.

Journey from a student to an expert – Tuan Nguyen

Born in Vietnam and raised in Germany, Tuan Nguyen has the same starting point as many other students: he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in international information systems. With a solid foundation of knowledge and passion for information technology, Tuan also had the opportunity to study and work in many countries such as China, Japan, and New Zealand. Not only that, but he also works on many projects related to his field as well as holds important positions. Moreover, he works as a freelancer who developed various projects focusing on big data, data science, develops and cloud.

After working many years in big IT corporations such as Siemens, NTT, BMW, Tuan has realized many challenges that IT tycoons confront. That is a solid foundation for the birth of “DATICS CONSULTING“.

IT consulting with focus on Cloud and Big Data

“DATICS CONSULTING” supports companies in their digitalization journey by providing their deep technical knowledge, experiences, and passions. Their expertise includes but is not limited to cloud migration strategies or AI optimization. Their target customers are big corporations in automotive, finance, and medicine.

As technologies change rapidly, Tuan understands the difficulties and challenges in this field. Therefore, he spends most of their time learning the root of technology to adapt to the transformation.

On this 20th February, Tuan Nguyen is going to join our TalkSpace #7 for the first time to share his stories and startup journey as an IT expert and as an entrepreneur.

TALKSPACE #7 – LIVE on Saturday, 20/02/2021 – 14:00 (CEST)


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