TalkSpace #6: EDUBAO- Ensuring everyone gets a fair chance in education

Studying abroad is a journey of growth and many challenges. Understanding those difficulties, EDUBAO – a tech start-up with a holistic approach to serving the global education sector was born. 

The biggest plus point of EDUBAO must be the long-term approach of users by building an ecosystem that supports all matters related to studying abroad. Its end-to-end advice, services, and supports are all combined in a simple, mobile-friendly app that guides users (students) through the entire process – from choosing the ideal form of education and school to the checklist of necessary actions. The app remains a student’s overseas companion, providing practical help in everyday life along with messaging and social media functions.

This package includes visa assistance, bank account setup, health insurance, and other financial solutions. It’s a program that helps newcomers navigate throughout the whole studying journey from before the studying progress (preparation phase) to the studying itself and then even after graduation, EDUBAO can be used for independent and professional career guidance. By maintaining an ecosystem of users for many years as a powerful resource in all matters related to studying abroad, EDUBAO builds a relationship of trust.

Women Business Leaders. Why not?

Born, raised, and studied in Germany. CEO, Founder of EDUBAO, Ms. Nga Le graduated with a master’s degree in insurance, financial audit, and career psychology.

Ms. Nga has experience with Siemens in the field of automation (A&D) and airport infrastructure (TTU), and she is also responsible for industrial trade exhibitions with revenue. over 1 billion Euro. After that, she turned to work with Munich Re’s Innovation in the reinsurance industry and very soon she was in charge of operations for Southeast Asia and China. With such a background, what are the reasons and motives for Ms. Nga to change her direction to establish a technology startup with such an interesting user approach?

Also one of the indispensable factors that make up the success of a business is business development position – Ms. Thuy Haenelt Do. Started with a master’s degree in marketing and auditing at TU Berlin. She has acquired for herself a lot of experience with more than 10 years of management and leadership in many areas: customer relationship management in B2B transactions and management business operation. 

Our next Talkspace will have the honor to host Ms. Nga Le and Ms. Thuy Haenelt Do, so that they can share with us about their journey.

TALKSPACE #6 – LIVE on Saturday, 30/01/2021 – 14:00 (CEST)

Language: Vietnamese


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