TalkSpace #5: DutyCast – An AI Solution Bridging International Trade

What to know about Vietnam? Well, let me tell you in brief that it is a beautiful country, and especially rich in cultures. Handcrafts and food specialties are Vietnamese’s pride. Tourists came to Vietnam in awe of Vietnamese products’ uniqueness, authenticity and asked: “how such amazing products could not be more commercialized”. On the other hand, Vietnamese also are intrigued by Baltic products’ novelty and wished if such products could be more accessible to the people without traveling miles physically. Only if all borders can be removed among regions so that consumers can just benefit from local products from miles away with just one-click from their chair, we all could enjoy the wonders around the world. 

And that is when Dutycast was founded. Thomas Dang and Hoa Nguyen Le, the two Founders, corporated to bring their vision in easing the obstacles in trading processes among regions with artificial intelligence technology to connect commercial markets without borders. 

What is Dutycast? And why bother? 

Dutycast is a new technology solution to bridge the gaps in the trading industry. In other words, companies and producers can sell abroad with less complicated, bureaucratic procedures. A trading process can involve lots of stages, including taxes, laws, regulations, market research, and so on, and usually, only big companies are able to invest in such procedures to send their products abroad. Therefore, such burden and difficulties have prevented other small local businesses from stepping their feet abroad. Grasping the opportunity and understanding the borders, Thomas Dang and Hoa Nguyen Le together developed a system that eases the challenges and allows more accessible international trading. 

Who are the authors behind such an idea? 

The two entrepreneurs who had nurtured their dreams for a while and in practice within the field long enough that they are confident to make action with their vision. 

As a female entrepreneur who worked and experienced in the artificial intelligence industry, Hoa Nguyen Le did not let any challenges stop her from climbing up to her goals. Her achievements in the field cannot help others to be in awe. From leading a program about Ocean, Healthcare, Energy called 100Scaleup to be more global, to becoming a recognized figure of top 50 women in Tech in 2020, Hoa Nguyen was involved and active in her expertise of strategy planning, M&A, and Corporate Finance. 

Thomas Dang, an ambitious and innovative entrepreneur, had worked as a business development manager in various countries and technology companies such as Uber, Grab, and so on. Thomas Dang had always kept his passion in trading e-commerce and alongside his own start-up, Tradingfoe. Tradingfoe is the first start-up that promoted sales and trade between Vietnam and the Baltic regions. 

Together, Thomas Dang and Hoa Nguyen Le decided to expand and cooperate to establish Dutycast. 

The story behind their journey to Dutycast is full of inspiration and motivation to our entrepreneurial spirit. We hope to learn and understand more about the paths, their challenges, and how they fulfill their dreams. Our next Talkspace will have the honor to host Mr. Thomas Dang and Ms. Hoa Nguyen Le so that they can share with us about their journey.

TALKSPACE #5 – LIVE on Saturday, 28/11/2020 – 14:00 (CEST)

Language: Vietnamese


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