TalkSpace #4: VU HOANG ANH & The Journey Of Conquering Silicon Valley

About to lay your hands on a design project, but thinking of whatever platform or tools should you use? 

Hmmm.. I want to use PTS, but I also need some features from Illustrator and so on. Yes, we are all familiar with that old plot.


While the design tools industry is competing among each other for new features, versions, and graphic developments, designers are suffering the dilemma of deciding what is their most suitable choice in the flood of software industry has to offer. 

Despite the races among software and operating systems within the industry, someone must be able to step out of the flow and look at the situation holistically. An entrepreneur stands out once one could recognize the problem and look at the picture in a big overview arching point. One listens to the consumers’ needs and innovates solutions to address changes. That is when Avocode comes into life. 




Once working in the industry and understood the difficulty designers have to face in front of all the designing software tools, Vu Hoang Anh, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Avocode, shared his experiences, thoughts, and the birth of Avocode. 

Vu Hoang Anh, a young entrepreneur, founded Avocode and accomplished to be in the top 500 Startups. Hoang Anh dropped out of college for his pursuit to innovate the industry from design to codes. Avocode was built upon his first established company, called Source, and from Source, Avocode was developed to a more extensive platform and higher reaches. 


The company started with just a simple CSS Hack, which was basically a PSS plug-in. Thus, any CSS Layer cells in Photoshop could be translated to CSS codes. After getting feedback and surveying the customers and other teams in the same industry, the two young entrepreneurs Pete and Anh, decided to launch Avocode. Avocode decided to work on their first few protocols and went through a lot of communications with their users, and basically just thought of solutions to tackle their problems. However, not only aiming towards users, but the idea behind Avocode is to ease the pain between designers and developers. At the moment, Photoshop and Sketch are the main focus, but potentially more technology will be built on Avocode like Adobe XD, Illustrator, and any tools that have space for Avocode developments; there will be no exceptions. 

Established in the Czech Republic, managed to be in the top 500 Startups, received $725 000 of funding, and now Avocode is on the journey of conquering Silicon Valley, the territory for high-tech dreamers. Silicon Valley attracts a great amount of customers and investors who could potentially give big support to startups during fundraising and defining their own brands. Bringing a dream to renovate the design industry, Avocode will continue developing and answering its customers’ needs. 

The simple moral story from our entrepreneur is JUST DO IT. No matter what the results will be, one can learn, and it is a worthwhile experience. One should be passionate and listen to what the consumers want, because more than anything, their voices are the soul of the products and birth of ideas. 

TALKSPACE #4 – LIVE on Saturday, 31/10/2020 – 14:00 (CEST)

Language: Vietnamese


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