TalkSpace #3: RENS Original – World First Coffee Sneaker

You love sneakers? 

I love sneakers.

We all love sneakers. 

But do you know that sneakers are often manufactured with harmful chemicals that are released into the environment? Also, the way they are disposed after used enables the toxic chemicals in the materials pollute the ground and cause us health problems. 

Do you know that over 2,25 million cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day? And if the coffee grounds end up in landfills, they emit methane, a greenhouse gas that is 30 times more powerful than carbon dioxide?

And you know plastic trash? Oh yeah, just look at your trash bin- we don’t have to talk much about it. 

So how about having a pair of sneakers which are not only fashionable but also made from recycled resources? Yes, these sneakers make you look cool outside and feel proud inside as it is one super innovative and eco-friendly solution by 2 Vietnamese Founders living in Europe.

Rens Original- A brand founded by Jesse Khanh Tran and Son Chu, has been making shoes from recycled plastic and coffee ground since 2019. Each pair of shoes uses the waste from 21 cups of coffee and six plastic bottles and 80% less impact on the environment than leather shoes and 60% less than textile ones. Such a great idea- you don’t have to choose between style and the environment.

This story of cool idea, the successful crowdfunding campaign with 550.000 dollars generated on Kickstarter, and they plan to build a new footwear generation will be told by Rens Original’s Co-Founder – Jesse Khanh Tran, on TalkSpace #3 by VSNE on the 26 of September 2020!

The event’s language: Vietnamese

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