TalkSpace #2 – What makes a great leader

Everyone knows the definition of leadership, but few people can articulate what it truly means. For some, leadership is motivation; for others, it is synonymous with results or inspiration. People define leadership differently as it means different things to different people at different times, depending on the situation. But at its core, leadership is essentially a continuous process of influencing behavior to enable others to achieve a certain goal.

Nobody is born with leadership skills. Leadership is the result of practical training in self-awareness and communication.

In the second episode of Talkspace, let’s listen to the Leader of the Startup Vietnam Foundation’s success story. He will share with us the secrets of effective leaders and help us highlight the essential qualities that define effective leadership.

📺 See us at TalkSpace #2: “What makes a great leader?” on 09/08/2020 at 14h00 (UTC+2)
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