TalkSpace #1 – Startup in Germany & Czech: What do young leaders say?

🚀 Founding a startup is not easy. Founding a startup in a foreign country is even tougher. Understanding this, there are some young Viet people who voluntarily donate their time and effort to build communities providing support for Vietnamese Founders.
🎯 Their idea to synergie various resources of Viet-society abroad to create a strong backup community for Viet-founders and young professionals is very inspiring. Their social responsibility and dream about a prouder Vietnam present the potential and value of the next generation.

🎤 In the first episode of Talkspace- A Talk Serie by VSNE, we welcome two founders of two communities which are supporting Viet-connected young leaders and startup founders in Czech Republic and Germany. Our two guests will share their insights about the startup situation in two countries focusing on the growing environment for Viet-Startups. Beside that, they introduce their communities and their future plans in developing the community.

📺 See us at TalkSpace #1: “Startup in Germany and Czech Republic – What to young leaders say?” on18/7/2020 at 14h00 (UTC+2)
This episode is in Vietnamese. Sign-up on Eventbrite to receive documents that guests use in the talk.

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