Successful Entrepreneurs Are People Who Stand Out With Their Broad Visions & Stand Up Strongly After Every Failure

A successful entrepreneur is someone who can have a broad and far vision in a big picture. While others are investing in developing new features one after the other, they are lost in the race in which they leave their customers behind with confusion and frustration. Sometimes we are busy chasing in the competitions that we tend to forget what we are actually trying to reach. One needs to courageously step out of the race, identify the market’s actual needs, and innovate something to satisfy the customers’ demands.

Avocode is an example of a pioneer who took the lead to stand back to find out a solution that actually meets customers’ needs and the markets. Mr. Vu Hoang Anh shared his journey of the birth of Avocode. To Mr. Vu, it is not about competing against the other to find out the best because each system provides various features that consumers could benefit from. Therefore, instead of following the trends, Mr. Vu decided to create a platform that allows all collaborations involved.

To School or Not To School?

Having passion and interests in design since high school, Mr. Vu decided to pursue a Design Degree in college. Although school could not provide anything more in-depth than what Mr. Vu already had a good environment and opportunity to create social networks of people who shared the same interests and skills. During his study, he started to be caught up with various projects designs that eventually he had found himself in a stage that he has been fully committed to his own ideas that occupied his life completely. Thus, he decided to drop out of college and to focus solely on pursuing his passion. While friends and family did not support him dropping out, he knew so well and confident what he had to do and never regretted his decision. From here, Mr. Vu emphasized determination in one’s decision making. Making one’s decision varies individually, and no one is the same as others, and thus one has to listen to themselves and be confident in their abilities. The answer lies within oneself, and only the individual can tell what they really want and how to achieve it.

Where are the Ideas and Motivations From?

Starting from just a simple product, Mr. Vu and his Co-Founders realized their own customers are struggling with the overwhelming of the design and coding industry has to provide; they listened to what their customers’ voice and from there, they decided to find solutions to ease out the complexities in which their customers are facing, and thus also what the market needs. They empathize and feel or simply understand the struggles out there and sincerely listen and care for their customers. They just want to eradicate the obstacles or limits that customers are going through while being lost in the stream of industry competitions. They do not want to blindly follow the trends of all competitions within the industry that leaves behind the consumers lost in confusion and frustration at the end of the day. They acknowledge and hear the difficulties of what users are experiencing and aware of the industry’s limitations, and thus regardless of the competitiveness in the industry, they decided to unify and create a platform where one can collaborate with each other instead of competing.

If it fails, it’s ok to fail

Vu Hoang Anh – Co-founder & CEO of Avocode

Last Take-Away

Going through stages, trials-and-errors, and particularly seeking feedback and expectations from customers, the team could call their name Avocode loud proudly. Mr. Vu’s philosophy is “if it fails, it’s ok to fail”, and that could be an inspiration for all of us. We are responsible for our decision, and life is a chain of experiments. One should not fear failure or risks due to internal as well as external pressures. If one is passionate enough to make changes to the markets, any failure is a worthwhile lesson.

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