Online Workshop: Presenting Across Cultures

How to adapt your business presentations in Germany

In the next 19th September, VSNE wants to present to our audiences an exciting topic, “Presenting across Cultures” via webinar. The webinar will mostly focus on discovering the methods to adapt your business presentations in Germany.

What is the online workshop about?

If you are internationally active, you probably gained experience giving a business or sales presentation to a foreign audience. This workshop will provide you with aspects and practical recommendations for successful performances on the international stage:
* What does effective “international” presentation mean?
* What exactly do people from Germany consider clear, convincing, or even relevant information? For example, what would “getting straight to the point” mean to them?

The content of the workshop would be:

* Understand the influence of cultural aspects on behaviors, presentation and communication styles
* Structure of a professional corporate presentation for Germans
* Nonverbal communication: gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, general appearance

Who will walk you through theses contents?

In the webinar, we will meet Dr. Barbara Geldermann. She is working in Paris and studied Sinology, Oriental Art History, and Comparative Religion in Bonn, Taipei, and Potsdam. Moreover, Dr. Barbara is a Certified foreign trade consultant of the German Association for Foreign Trade BWA, regional focus on “Greater China” and “Southeast Asia” with the thematic focus on “Intercultural Management”. Her range of services includes consulting, training, moderation, and research. She advises international clients from various industries, such as the financial sector, semiconductor industry, chemical, mechanical engineering, and public administration and science. Also, Barbara Geldermann works as a lecturer at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and the Steinbeis University Berlin in this field.

Dr. Barbara Geldermann – Online Workshop: “Presenting across cultures” – VSNE

The second trainer is Friederike von Denffer, who is active in the intercultural field for over 15 years; and was licensed for The International Profiler (TIP) World Works in London. She is also a graduate sociologist from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Friederike usually designs and conducts intercultural workshops for specialists and executives from the non-profit and profit sector of various industries and lectures at universities in Germany. Furthermore, she conducts intercultural workshops for professionals who have been working internationally for several years and for young professionals whose intercultural experience is still in its infancy: Cultural Awareness, Presentation & Self-Promotion, Teambuilding for internationally composed teams: from getting to know each other to the workflow.

Friederike von Denffer – Online Workshop: “Presenting across cultures” – VSNE

Let’s welcome these two great speakers on our Webinar on 19/09/2020. And don’t miss this amazing chance to explore their experience and deep knowledge in this intercultural presentation theme, simply by clicking the button below to get a ticket. See you all in the workshop!

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