German Tech Startups Changing Society

Growth with purpose: German Tech Startups Changing Society
Venture capital and startups in Germany 2019

What’s it about?

This study provides you information on one of the top funding sources, venture capital, and a good overview of the startup sector development in Germany 2019. This study analyzed:

– Trends in the German startup ecosystem: AI, B2B Tech, Mobility, Prop Tech, and purpose-driven ventures.

– Funding: Investment activities in the German startup ecosystem, classified by company age, business sector, funding round, and area.

Exit channel for startups: sale of companies to corporate investors at an early-stage or growth with a private equity partner’s financial.

– Investors: Information about Corporate Ventures, Incubators/ Accelerators, and investors in Germany, the EU, the USA, and worldwide.

Who’s it for?

– For startups, financing, funds, and M&A activity

– Or companies belonging to one of the digital sectors, such as software and IT, financial technology, mobility, and e-commerce

About the author

This study has been prepared by Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (EY), a leader in assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services. For startups, EY still offers many valuable insights and events such as the EY Start-up Academy (Germany), the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Global), the EY Start-Up-Initiative/ EYnovation™ (Germany) and the EY Start-up Barometer, Global IPO trends, and Germany FinTech Landscape. Source: EY, Growth with purpose: German Tech startups changing society, 2020.

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