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What’s in it for you?

What’s it been like for women in entrepreneurship? 

That’s the very story no one dares say they could fill you in with all the details. Well, this article can hardly do that either but it will show you how courageously women have turned a new page in that well-worn book full of heart-breaking, sentimental tales of their life to a more promising future with all the praises and head-turns to their business achievements.  

1. What is going on?

Of course, some touch and go details about our dear friend – the past. No longer feeling torn between deeply seated norms and dangling opportunities that came along with this modern era, for most of the world women have set in motion their projects, those that have been part and parcel of their life now that they have gained more grounds on the global platform. 

2. Challenges, as they’re obviously should be. 

It is inevitable that women in their newly found status quo be faced with all kinds of challenges, namely sexism in social and labor contexts, income inequality, etc.

3. Women’ new position in the family business

Surprisingly yet realistically, women have got something up their sleeves! The world is watching their every single movement and still has its breath taken away with their sustained efforts in higher education and professional careers. Those are subsequently paid off by the world’s acknowledgment.

4. Could society ever reconcile to this reality into which women have been translated?

Human beings move with the times, so do their perspectives on things. This has turned women and their proactive movement in all settings into ‘a threat’ to social norms and standards. 

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Is it right for you?

Surely only you can decide whether you fall into one of these groups…

  • Some small woman with a big heart on the business thing looking for role models, motivation, etc
  • Students, you must be lurking around here a lot to know this may be something! Keep up the good work!
  • Entrepreneurs, whether you’re beginners or in this game for a long time.
  • Policy-makers, why not, let this help you with your every thoughtful decision-making.
  • Public, folks you should read, it’s all down to good reasons.

About the author:

This article is published by KMPG in collaboration with The Step Project. KPMG International Limited is a British-Dutch multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organizations. 


KPMG, 2020. The power of women in family business – A generational shift in purpose and influence.

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