A story of change: from the Financial Industry to Energy Market

In this episode, VSNE is going to talk with Tuan Nguyen about his time in the Financial Industry and the circumstances behind his recent move into the Energy Market. We will touch on the truths and myths behind the glamour of working in finance as well as the latest trend – cryptocurrency. Tuan will also give us an insight into how the European energy market functions, which is astonishingly similar to a stock exchange. On a more personal note, we will also discuss how his background as a Vietnamese German affects Tuan’s communication style and how he managed to make the best of both worlds. 

Tuan Nguyen – Energy Exchange Market Operator

After finishing his studies in Business Management, Finance and Project Management, Tuan started his career in 2012 as an intern in a financial firm. During his time in the industry, he was active in various positions, gaining rich expertise in the area of payment control and settlements of OTC derivatives. In 2020, Tuan shifted focus to the energy market which in his opinion will play a crucial role in Europe’s transition towards a sustainable society.  

Cryptocurrency as a megatrend in the financial market

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is mostly based on blockchain technology. Notable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Etherium are not issued by a national government, making them highly decentralized. Supporters of the technology hail it as the next revolutionary solution, while skeptiks see a drive for instability and call for strict regulation. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency is generally viewed as a disruptive force, one that deserves great amounts of research and observation.

European Electricity Market 

The European electricity system is undergoing big changes following the introduction of the Green Deal. Efforts towards decarbonization lead to a strong focus on renewable energies e.g. solar and wind. As a decentralized market with a large number of producers and consumers, electricity is treated in a similar way to a stock exchange with daily changing bids and orders. The figure below gives a general overview of key players on the market. 

Source: www.easyres-project.eu/

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