2020/2021 Business Support Guide

The guide for businesses and startups

What’s it about?

The 2020/2021 Subsidy Guide provides you with a good overview of the subsidy programs, financing, and consulting offered for companies in all industries in Berlin. Also, it presents numerous funding programs on offer nationwide and by the European Union, which can be taken advantage of in Berlin.

These are:

* Subsidy programs in matters related to business startups, startups in the context of succession, growth, consolidation, innovation, and restructuring

* Support programs for startups, guarantees, companies, technology-oriented companies, and for female founders and entrepreneurs

* Information on EU support for innovative projects and technology transfer

The guide answers the questions:

Which subsidy programs are available?

What are the goals of the support programs?

Who is supported?

What do you, as the supported, receive?

How do you get the funding?

Who’s it for?

* For startups and established companies in the EU, especially in Berlin.

* For someone who needs initial guidance on making efficient use of the many different subsidy programs offers.

About the author

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)
IBB is a business development bank of the State of Berlin that was founded in 1924. IBB actively contributes to the development of Berlin with the business subsidy program. By 2014, IBB has 12,000 contracts that feel an investment of EUR 21 billion. Source: Investitionsbank 2020, Förderfibel 2020/2021, 2020.

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